Welcome friend!

It's finally time to say goodbye to the year that is 2020, and welcome in the new year of 2021. While we can't be physically together, we can bring our hearts, spirits, and minds together in the æther of the zoom-cloud.

This will be unlike any virtual party you've yet attended. We have decided to transfer the very heart of the Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op into ~cyberspace~. The impact of doing so is yet unknown, but we should be safe to dance, game, jam, and reconnect together in nuBSBC until the dawn of the new year. Be cautious as you explore, as we've seen some evidence of merging universes...

So let's usher in 2021, and say good riddance to 2020!

Because this interface is different from interface of other parties, we need to update our expectations about what's polite and what isn't...

nuBSBC Party Rules:

Understood, now take me to NuBSBC